Sunday, October 1, 2017


ok once again i have a writing contest at or for my school. i wrote about well here i will just tell you  the title. so ok here it goes, it is called " THE BIRMANS " . it might sound a little weird but it makes sense if or when i tell  you about it.

so really it is about bird men. so first it kind of starts off with birds going to the south for the winter. it  well in my opinion anyway, is so tense in the beginning.  then i can give some things away because you might never read it.

so here i go brace yourself, when the birds get to the south, they have a um a  well i guess i can say and not get embarrassed because nobody will read it except people i know really well, so, so, they had a ... a bird meeting. OK OK OK OK OKAY! do not laugh i know it sounds really dumb but that was all i got at that point okay plus no turning back after you already turn it in. right? right. so where was i? ah. okay so after their their bird meeting they acted strange the next day. people started to call them birmans.

the birmans turned and made soooo many things. like news lines, singer studio's, and other HUMAN things. soon well not really people started to get bored of them. after winter the humans cleaned up so well that a month later it looked like the birmans never came to you ready, i made the main place dothan, alabama!

anyway bye! ;)


  1. Love it Bailey! Sounds like a really fun story! And love that you included Dothan!!

  2. I love it already!!! Great place : ) You have a fabulous imagination!!! I can't wait to hear the rest of the story : )

  3. Awesome story!!! I also love that you included Dothan, and I also can't wait to hear the rest of the story!!! I sent you a pen pal letter_______Brenna Pfister

  4. ♥️ U. Keep writing on your blog!!! check mine, I just did