Sunday, August 27, 2017


I did not know what to do like at all. i really had no choice but to go into a building. i was amazed to see that it was a cloths store. how lucky was that! i checked my pockets for some spare cash, and was shocked to see that i still had birthday money in my pj pants. oh, so that is why i was so uncomfortable at night. i am surprised that it is not drenched in water for how many times i put it in the washer.

                                                           TO BE CONTINUED

Saturday, August 26, 2017


okay since i can't fall asleep, i will just tell the story. or MY story anyway. i was going to fall asleep till this crazy thing happened to me just then and there. i was laying still in my bed minding my own beeswax when some sort of portal sucked me right up. the setting of my story changed completely in its own way. instead of a quiet bedroom with a desk it was giant buildings with odd phone booths. i was in my pjs standing right in the middle of this big mess.

                                                           TO BE CONTINUED
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Friday, August 25, 2017


 laying in my bed thinking of what just happened, kept me from falling asleep. okay wow i can not believe this. oh hi my name is makayla i'm 14 years old and  i am pretty sure that you know that i am really in aw.  i just came from the middle of Mississippi on a private plane. crazy right? ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .. ... ... ... .... ... .... ... ... ... ... ... .. sorry have to go... .. .. ... ... ... .... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .... ... ...    

                                                            TO BE CONTINUED 

Sunday, July 16, 2017


so because i have cold soars my moms friend  took me to see the new dispicable me .she felt bad and she wanted me to get distracted from the constant pain of my mouth. so she told me that on thursday she will tell when i will go with her. so on friday i waited at home for about an hour  when my family went to the pool. and while i waited i read for a little then when i got bored i called brenna
 and talked about a lot of stuff.when i went i got into the car and road in the front because i just started to ride in the front. and just to sum it up because i have to go to church the movie was really good.

Sunday, July 9, 2017


ok i had a really short weekend. on friday we went to the beach with a lot of my friends. we were there for 5 hrs. when we got home we watched soccer and i quickly fell asleep after half time. when i woke up we watched some tv. then on saterday we went to watch the new spider-man. we got back and luke got ready for scout camp for the rest of the day. and on sunday , well we have not hadsundaw yet. also only 11 days till alabama.

Sunday, June 18, 2017


it has been a very fun first week of SUMMER! on friday i got to talk to brenna on the phone for a pretty long time. i also saw her and sadie on animal jam!

 also on friday since darby and my parents went to the temple,( this, by the way was darby's very fist time gong), me, luke, ivy, and paisley stayed home and watched the force awakens. it was super fun. oh, and also darby broke  mom's, dad's, and lukes  one day recored on her first day! whitch the final count was ... drummmm roooooll pleaaseee ..........................................             21!

actually the real story was originally she only had 3 names to do. when she finished they saw two converts who needed darby to do their girl names. they had 18 girl names for darby to do. at first my mom offered to do the rest when she got to 13, but darby insisted to do them all.

on saterday, i had more excitement. like really early in the morning like at 7:00 we went to  see the new cars movie cars 3. it was very sad, exiting and, interesting. when we got back we really did not that much stuff, we watched movies and played games the rest of the day.

p.s. Brenna and everyone I herd that you guys were going boating. how did that go?

                                                               ;)love you all.;)