Sunday, July 16, 2017


so because i have cold soars my moms friend  took me to see the new dispicable me .she felt bad and she wanted me to get distracted from the constant pain of my mouth. so she told me that on thursday she will tell when i will go with her. so on friday i waited at home for about an hour  when my family went to the pool. and while i waited i read for a little then when i got bored i called brenna
 and talked about a lot of stuff.when i went i got into the car and road in the front because i just started to ride in the front. and just to sum it up because i have to go to church the movie was really good.

Sunday, July 9, 2017


ok i had a really short weekend. on friday we went to the beach with a lot of my friends. we were there for 5 hrs. when we got home we watched soccer and i quickly fell asleep after half time. when i woke up we watched some tv. then on saterday we went to watch the new spider-man. we got back and luke got ready for scout camp for the rest of the day. and on sunday , well we have not hadsundaw yet. also only 11 days till alabama.

Sunday, June 18, 2017


it has been a very fun first week of SUMMER! on friday i got to talk to brenna on the phone for a pretty long time. i also saw her and sadie on animal jam!

 also on friday since darby and my parents went to the temple,( this, by the way was darby's very fist time gong), me, luke, ivy, and paisley stayed home and watched the force awakens. it was super fun. oh, and also darby broke  mom's, dad's, and lukes  one day recored on her first day! whitch the final count was ... drummmm roooooll pleaaseee ..........................................             21!

actually the real story was originally she only had 3 names to do. when she finished they saw two converts who needed darby to do their girl names. they had 18 girl names for darby to do. at first my mom offered to do the rest when she got to 13, but darby insisted to do them all.

on saterday, i had more excitement. like really early in the morning like at 7:00 we went to  see the new cars movie cars 3. it was very sad, exiting and, interesting. when we got back we really did not that much stuff, we watched movies and played games the rest of the day.

p.s. Brenna and everyone I herd that you guys were going boating. how did that go?

                                                               ;)love you all.;)

Saturday, June 3, 2017


Wow! what a morning. oh, you want to know why it was soooo busy? ok, fine, so early in the morning we went to the store to buy plants. but we had to go back because they got the order wrong. so we fixed that. anyway, we came back and planted the new plants in our new garden. it took a while but we still got there. so after we finished that part we took a picture of us. i would post it on here but we all were so very tired and lazy to do it. so that was my morning i guess.bye.

p.s. later today i am going to  buy a new suitcase for alabama!

a.p.s brenna plz make another post.  ;)

Monday, May 15, 2017


hi guys! did you know what i found out! ok so every year each teacher #2-#6 chooses 3 kids to right a story. when the kids are finished writing, they turn it in to a  certain teacher. that teacher and some others read and correct the writings. they pick the kids from each grade that did the best writing.

well, i was one of those lucky kids AND the only kid who got it in my grade! is this great or what! oh oh oh  i forgot to mention that the stories the teachers pick are going to be made into a real live actual book with a cover and everything! i am soooooooo exited to read it! i know that i got it last year and the year before that and the year before that. but this is speacial because this is the best book i have ever made.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

EVERYBODY/EXCITED EXCITED AND MORE EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

SOOOOO what we going to talk about? huh huh? well we are going to share all the exciting things that are happening this summer. let me go first.

 i really am excited to go to alabama and alabama oh and alabama, did i mention alabama? it is so exciting to think about it. like the pool the cousins the cousins tree the trampoline the nana the grandpa the aunts and uncles. did i mention the pool? any way love ya all!!!!!!!!!