Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Many,Many jobs!!!!!

We have many jobs. The jobs are trash,laundry,dishes,animals,and house.  We keep these jobs for a week.  After a week we change.  For example imagine I had trash I keep it for a week after a week I got dishes because that is how we made it.

It kept  going forever then our cousins came we stopped ..... for a week then when they left.  So we went back to doing the jobs.

Sunday, August 2, 2015


wow!earnings.red.orange.yellow.green.blue.purple.pink. I made these black earnings today

 it was Sunday and I wore them to church.Darby made 9 in 1 day and she just got  it!She was going to ask her cousin how to make them but i Baylie told her that if you try you will know how to do it.

The day before I made the black earnings I made black and white earnings.I thought they were the best earnings I ever made. But I made another earning that was very pretty.So I thought that was the best.But when Sunday came it din't mach with my dress so I made more and it matched.