Sunday, November 8, 2015

That time my parents left me to go on a cruise and then accidentally posted about it on my blog :)

We were so lucky this week to stay four nites on the Disney Dream!! What a ship!!! Gorgeous and had such a wonderful time!! 
 The food was amazing!! Pretty much tried to eat as much seafood as possible and did! Check out this daily buffet of shrimp!! The other side was CRAB CLAWS!! Yum!!!!! This week was seriously heaven and we stayed just long enough that we really missed the kids and couldn't wait to hug them!! We are so grateful to Jason's parents!!!!! Don't know how I will ever be to thank them enough! 

Jason standing under the emergency boats that were huge! The ship was so beautiful you couldn't help but think of Titantic but glad it want the same outcome!! But by the end of the trip I felt more like I was in Wall-E! Thankfully we got a good tip to take the stairs and we were on the 10th floor so scaled them quite a bit! 

They had the neatest slide that went over the top deck and even over the edge of the water. It was super fun and was glad Ivy wasn't with us because she would be been sad to the be the only one who couldn't meet the height requirements 

Coming into Nassau, Bahamas port. Rained a touch but still beautiful day. 

They had a full theatre and shows every nite. Great performances and loved reminiscing about our favorite Disney movies and loved the Magic act as well. 

Love how Disney does everything!!! Mickeys everywhere!! The first day we felt the ship movement the most but then adjusted after that . 

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Best,Worst Finger.

Ok,  I had the best week of all! But last Tuesday I got cut bad. So I had to go to the ER at the Doctor.
When I saw the Doctor,  he said, '' We don't need stitches we will glue it because there is a flap.'' so he glued it, it hurt bad.

 The rest of the week and the week after that, was the worst two weeks of the finger I have ever had.
On halloween night I took the first shower after my finger accident. Every night and day we all said a prayer. Then grandpa evens had a good idea, he said,'' You should do a blessing''. We said a blessing.

After I took the shower at halloween night it started to get better. yay!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

best movie ever!!!!

Hi,we are making a movie. Do you know what it is called? No you don't, it  is called
Revenge of the Squash!!!!!Do you like the name of it? I know I like the name of it.  The
squash is evil!It jumped on mom's back!It also messed up Paisley's hair,it messed up my bed ,it messed up Ivy's puzzle,Darby's earrings, dad's Bee game' and it almost killed mom!P.s this movie was interrupted a lot but then we watched T.V. So now you know what our movie is like.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Many,Many jobs!!!!!

We have many jobs. The jobs are trash,laundry,dishes,animals,and house.  We keep these jobs for a week.  After a week we change.  For example imagine I had trash I keep it for a week after a week I got dishes because that is how we made it.

It kept  going forever then our cousins came we stopped ..... for a week then when they left.  So we went back to doing the jobs.

Sunday, August 2, 2015


wow! I made these black earnings today

 it was Sunday and I wore them to church.Darby made 9 in 1 day and she just got  it!She was going to ask her cousin how to make them but i Baylie told her that if you try you will know how to do it.

The day before I made the black earnings I made black and white earnings.I thought they were the best earnings I ever made. But I made another earning that was very pretty.So I thought that was the best.But when Sunday came it din't mach with my dress so I made more and it matched.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

awesome piano!

Well, today I have piano is that exciting or what?! My cousins do piano to I like piano I hope that do to. I know  5 church piano songs is that cool or what?!Did you know that piano helps your mind and it helps make you smarter.My teacher  is the most awesome teacher in the whole entire world!!!!!!!!!!

When I started piano I was sooooooo excited. I thought that I was a talented person don't you think?.It was like I was a new person.

Friday, April 10, 2015

One Disappointed Me

Did you know that I pulled out my tooth? But last night the Tooth Fairy didn't come at all! Do you know how that disappointed me so much?! Well that disappointed me so much because well I'm saving up for something and I need that dollar for what I'm saving in my piggy bank.

Have I told you that I didn't really pull out my tooth I really nocked it out but nobody saw. My mom said,"You should pull out your tooth at Disneyland or California Adventure." I wiggled it but it didn't come out! what are you saving up for? Do you want to know what I am saving up for?I am saving up for  this cool place with my family.Well since the tooth fairy didn't come at night he or she is going to come the next night and give me well 2 dollars.

what if the tooth fairy is not coming this night and not the next night  and he or she  comes the night after that then I will get 4 dollars.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

All About Me

Hi my name is Baylie.I am 8.i have blond hair,I have blue eyes and this is my new blog.My birthday is on April 4th.I got my ears pierced.when i turned 8 i felt different because i got older and i was about to get baptized! Did i tell you that i have 3 pets, I have 1 dog and 2 bunnies.  

what would you feel about getting baptized?I know how i will feel,I will feel really happy because I will become a new member of the church!