Monday, May 15, 2017


hi guys! did you know what i found out! ok so every year each teacher #2-#6 chooses 3 kids to right a story. when the kids are finished writing, they turn it in to a  certain teacher. that teacher and some others read and correct the writings. they pick the kids from each grade that did the best writing.

well, i was one of those lucky kids AND the only kid who got it in my grade! is this great or what! oh oh oh  i forgot to mention that the stories the teachers pick are going to be made into a real live actual book with a cover and everything! i am soooooooo exited to read it! i know that i got it last year and the year before that and the year before that. but this is speacial because this is the best book i have ever made.


  1. Cool we want to read it too because we love you

  2. Baylie that is sooooo awesome. I want to read it too. Can't wait for you to come to alabama. _Brenna

  3. i love love love your book. Why are you such a great writer?!!