Saturday, April 15, 2017

just listen up

ok i totally forgot to tell you how my birthday was cause you know i was talking about it all for two  three no two wait four well i don't know the days. anyway i just want to tell you that it was awesome!                  

you want to know ? ok. well the very first place we went to till 5:30p.m was going to six flags! when we got home we ate marshmallows in the fire  to make it brief i am just going to say  that after that we watch echo.

and the every last thing of the night ( my personal fav) is when we  or the 4 girls slept in the living room!!!!!and you have to admit that sleeping in the living room is a total blast.

just a shout out to whoever can tell this to brenna . please tell her about my blog so she can start reading and commenting on it . thanks . oh and that goes to whoever can reach her. again thanks!


  1. Ugh we just saw Brenna I would have told her but will try. ♡ fun birthday thanks we love you.

  2. Hey Baylie!! How did we miss that you have a blog?!! Love it Baylie!! You are amazing!! I will have Brenna start reading it! ❤️❤️ Glad your birthday was fun!

  3. Hey Baylie!!! This is Brenna. we miss you sooooooooooo much. I love your blogand sweet birthday and trick was funny. Dallas says Hi too. Can't wait to see u.