Friday, April 10, 2015

One Disappointed Me

Did you know that I pulled out my tooth? But last night the Tooth Fairy didn't come at all! Do you know how that disappointed me so much?! Well that disappointed me so much because well I'm saving up for something and I need that dollar for what I'm saving in my piggy bank.

Have I told you that I didn't really pull out my tooth I really nocked it out but nobody saw. My mom said,"You should pull out your tooth at Disneyland or California Adventure." I wiggled it but it didn't come out! what are you saving up for? Do you want to know what I am saving up for?I am saving up for  this cool place with my family.Well since the tooth fairy didn't come at night he or she is going to come the next night and give me well 2 dollars.

what if the tooth fairy is not coming this night and not the next night  and he or she  comes the night after that then I will get 4 dollars.


  1. Baylie, I think you should hold out and hope that the tooth fairy forgets again. $4.00 sounds much better than $2.00. Our tooth fairy forgets to come sometimes too. I guess he or she just gets busy. Congrats on losing another tooth. That's exciting.

  2. Maybe that tooth fairy is getting old and forgetful. Hopefully you have your money by now. Love your blog!

  3. Love your blog Baylie! What are saving for?? I would like to save my money to visit you!